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Hammerknell Tier 2

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1Hammerknell Tier 2 Empty Hammerknell Tier 2 on Sun Aug 02, 2015 2:13 am


Alright guildies. It's about that time again. So. Starting August 21st, 2015 we will be dropping Mount Sharax on Friday's at 6:30 ST and progressing into Hammerknell at that time. So if you are a raider, you will have to pug MS. If you are a Raid leader and you're on at any point during the week and want to try and throw together a pug run, go for it. As we're progress further into T2 raids, Wednesday group for RoF will eventually become an IGP group. But that is not anytime soon. Please make sure you are watching the forums and the guild wall for important updates and information. Thank you everyone.

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